Recreational Boats

  • Hann 53 - Newest model from Hann!
    Posted on Thu April 20th 2017

    The 2017 Hann 53 Center Console carries the proven performance of the Hann 50 Center Console deep in its bones. The longer lines and wider beam simply make the new boat look more impressive than its predecessor. You can select a fishing tournament level open fishing configuration, or a large forward cruise cabin, complete with bunks, entertainment center and small galley. Whether you want to win fishing tournaments or take the family out for a weekend cruise, you will appreciate the ability to cruise at 30 to 50 knots. If you need to run home quickly, you have up to 65+ knots of power available to you. Without doubt, you will be the envy of every boat owner in your club and your entire boating area. You may also select an inboard diesel engine option if you want.

  • Hann 50 - 50 feet long and 50 feet strong!
    Posted on Wed July 15th 2015

    This vessel started it all - Built to go over 100 miles offshore, fish all day, and make it home in time for dinner, this vessel does it in speed and comfort. Imagine cruising home to port at 50 knots, through four foot seas, and only burning 40 gallons of diesel an hour! Do not buy this boat if you don't want attention. Any time you pull up to a fuel dock or marina a crowd will gather. Nobody has ever seen a 50 ft. fishing boat that looks like it goes 100 MPH while sitting still! As you pass all of the other boats on the way in from fishing, onlookers from other boats will be taking pictures and waving as you cruise by. If you can't handle that, don't read any further.

  • Hann 28 Center Console
    Posted on Thu July 16th 2015

    Hann 28 Center Console: Hann Powerboats is pleased to introduce a new recreational model, the Hann 28 CC! Based on a proven offshore racing hull design, the Hann 28 CC has a 25 degree deadrise at the stern for a smooth ride and with its classic sleek line it will attract attention at the dock. With more than 100 commercial 28' hulls built to date, the Hann 28 center console recreational model is certain to last and the performance is second to none in its class.