Military/Patrol Boats

  • Hann 50 Center Console Military
    Posted on Wed July 15th 2015

    Our flagship, the Hann 50, is offered on the GSA Schedule for military buyers(United States General Services Administration) and is one of the most versatile offshore vessels on the water. There is nothing like this vessel on the water today. Hann Powerboats offers the Hann 50 as a fast interceptor, offshore/ inshore military boat, or fast attack craft. Contact us for our GSA Schedule information. The ride this vessel delivers is literally unbelievable. Nothing mitigates shock like 50 feet of hull and 15,500 lbs. of displacement. The capabilities of these vessels are incredible. Equally comfortable 100 miles offshore or flying through two feet of water at 65 MPH (or more), the versatility and efficiency of this vessel allow for limitless applications. Our twin diesel vessel has recorded a 35 gallon per hour fuel burn at 50 knots. This allows for a 440 nautical mile (506 mile) range at 50 knots (57 MPH)! Depending on configuration, final numbers may vary from those documented. Our quad outboard topped 70 MPH, 50 MPH on just two motors dragging two! Check it out here on Youtube! More extensive testing of the Quad is currently in progress. Tell us what you want, and we will make it happen! Typical production times are 120 -150 days, depending on the final design.

  • Hann 40 Peacemaker
    Posted on Wed July 15th 2015

    If you were confronted with an incident twelve nautical miles away, would reducing the transit time by almost ten minutes be a benefit? If the incident were a terrorist attack, a fire, or a rescue mission, the ten minutes could make a big difference in the outcome. If you had to intercept a target 100 miles away, would closing on the target at 50 knots or more be a benefit?  Do you need an all-weather, high-speed, diesel-efficient, medium-range aluminum military boat? The Hann 40 Peacemaker is new, and it truly delivers high-speed, stable performance in a coastal military boat. You can now achieve 50 knot performance and conduct harbor protection offshore, before trouble gets to your harbor. Do you require any of these capabilities?

    Launching from multiple ramps or harbors (regional support)
    Covering an incident offshore, in the harbor, or up river
    Coastal militarys (out 150 miles) lasting one or two days
    Medium to large caliber weapons
    ballistic protection for your crew
    High speed interceptor
    Terrorist attack deterrence
    Port and shipping lane protection and security
    Offshore asset protection
    Capabilities for electronic surveillance and night vision


  • 28 HANN CC
    Posted on Wed July 22nd 2015

    Hann 28 High Performance Center Console:  Based on a proven offshore racing hull design, the Hann 28 CC has a 25 degree deadrise at the stern for a smooth ride and incredible performance. With more than 100 commercial 28' hulls built to date, the Hann 28 High Performance Center Console model is certain to last and the performance is second to none in its class.